The Rise of Sustainable Travel: A Paradigm Shift in Consumer Preferences

This blog explores the growing trend of sustainable travel, its driving factors, and the opportunities it presents for both travelers and businesses in the industry.

Certifications to Identify Sustainable Hotels with Global Standard

The increasing prominence of green metrics, which encapsulate the concept of sustainability, is gaining significant recognition among specialized circles. Achieving these green certificates is considered a testament to the fact that brands within the hotel and tourism industry are progressively prioritizing sustainable development.

The Art of Creating Sustainable Spaces with OS&E/FF&E Design

In an era where environmental consciousness is taking center stage, industries across the board are shifting towards sustainable practices. The hospitality sector, known for its grandeur and opulence, is not exempt from this global movement toward sustainability. One pivotal aspect of this transition is the integration of sustainable Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) design within the hospitality industry. As hotels strive to offer not only luxury but also an eco-conscious experience, embracing sustainable OS&E/FF&E is becoming a cornerstone of modern hospitality design.

Revolutionizing Hospitality Industry: The Promising Future with ChatGPT

Since its launch in 2022, ChatGPT has always been a topic of discussion, and no wonder that businesses couldn't ignore the wave of AI. While Spotify had collaborated with ChatGPT to introduce an AI-powered DJ, why the hospitality industry couldn't expect to make a change with an AI travel assistant?

Embracing Simplicity: The Key to a Timeless Brand Concept in the Hospitality Industry

Unlock the power of simplicity in hospitality branding. Discover how Simplicity helps your brand concept stay relevant in the future.

Dalat Edensee: Rebranding with a German Twist

Dalat Edensee has repositioned itself as a uniquely German-inspired resort in the competitive market of Dalat city. With a new vision shifting to family-oriented, one of the current key goals of the brand was to better capture the family values and sense of connection. Other key objectives included further increasing their market share, differentiating themselves from other competitors and enriching the overall guest experience.

Brand Creative for Hospitality

There is a passion and creativity in our team that drives the design thinking, which combined with the unique mix of experience skills from different designers from Europe, USA and Vietnam.

The Art of Artworks

In a hotel, art is never just something to see. When used properly, artwork becomes an integral part of the guest experience, enhancing not just the design narrative, but the entire brand image.