Dalat Edensee: Rebranding with a German Twist

Dalat Edensee has repositioned itself as a uniquely German-inspired resort in the competitive market of Dalat city. With a new vision shifting to family-oriented, one of the current key goals of the brand was to better capture the family values and sense of connection. Other key objectives included further increasing their market share, differentiating themselves from other competitors and enriching the overall guest experience.

Da Lat Edensee Resort & Spa

Nestled by the picturesque Tuyen Lam Lake, resembling an untouched “Black Forest,” Da Lat Edensee Resort & Spa has long been celebrated as a 5-star haven in Dalat. It offers an ideal retreat for those seeking respite from the demands of everyday life, allowing them to reconnect with nature’s tranquility amidst the forest’s embrace.

The resort’s German architectural style sets it apart on Dalat’s resort landscape. However, with the evolving travel trends and a growing emphasis on catering to families, Edensee recognized the need to establish a fresh brand identity and revamp its spaces to align with future directions and infuse a contemporary atmosphere. To achieve this, they partnered with Ziva, an expert in the field.

Challenges for Edensee

Embracing a new target customer group—families in search of a comprehensive resort experience—Ziva collaborated with Edensee to create a holistic journey by incorporating interactive and visually captivating elements. While the resort’s architecture and design draw inspiration from the renowned German Black Forest, there was room to further enhance and express this concept through the resort’s spaces and experiential touchpoints.

Furthermore, areas like the VIP Club and souvenir shop required optimization in terms of functionality and space utilization. Edensee presented Ziva with the challenge of maximizing the resort’s existing advantages while transforming it into a destination that provides exceptional experiences for guests, ultimately positioning Edensee as an iconic establishment on Tuyen Lam Lake.

Embracing the Edensee Experience: A Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary

Through close collaboration with investors, a deep understanding of the Edensee story, and a thorough analysis of emerging trends, Ziva recognized Edensee’s distinctive competitive advantage in the market. It resides in the seamless integration of traditional German style with modern experiences that cater to the multifaceted demands of today’s customers.

Drawing inspiration from this insight, the concept of ‘Serendipity’ was conceived. Ziva envisioned a serene sanctuary where guests could forge a profound connection with Dalat’s natural wonders, immerse themselves in European style and culture, and encounter moments filled with exhilaration and delightful surprises. These elements would converge to create an enchanting space where guests embark on a voyage of endless wonders and ultimately discover their own ‘bliss’ within the realm of Edensee.

Ziva’s vision for Da Lat Edensee revolves around the development of touchpoints that embody three key criteria: German elegance, interconnected spaces, and the essence of Dalat’s nature and people. These inherent values within Edensee are skillfully infused into every touchpoint, unlocking its full potential and providing guests with an unparalleled and magical journey.

A family-oriented resort must cater to the diverse needs of multiple generations within a family. From grandparents to parents and young children, each group requires tailored experiences that cater to their specific age group. To address this, Ziva has reimagined the resort’s VIP Club, transforming it into a series of intimate spaces such as a movie theater, karaoke room, ball pit, children’s play area, reading zone, gaming area, console zone, billiards corner, and more. This reconfiguration not only diversifies the functionality of the space but also optimizes its utilization. All areas are meticulously designed in a European style, utilizing environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, the souvenir shop has been seamlessly integrated with the Family Club, extending the customers’ journey and enticing them to partake in wine tasting, beer sampling, and savoring culinary specialties from both Dalat and Germany. This integration creates a truly immersive and memorable experience for guests, enhancing their connection with the resort and its unique offerings.

“We believe that an authentic travel experience is incomplete without the culinary element, so the all-day dining restaurant is an area that requires careful attention during the resort’s renovation,”

stated Ziva, the expert behind the transformation.

After all, nothing brings people closer and inspires cultural exploration quite like delightful and distinctive cuisine. At Edensee, the freshness of locally sourced ingredients from Dalat’s farms, the uniqueness of German dishes, and an inspiring setting with surprising experiential activities are all brought to the dining table. Seasonal menus, wholesome options for vegetarians and seniors, and dedicated children’s meals are carefully crafted to cater to a variety of tastes. But Ziva’s vision goes beyond just satisfying guests’ palates. She wants the entire journey at Edensee to be filled with memorable moments. Thus, “we season our guests’ dining experience with chef shows, private dining, and even mixology sessions at the bar.”

From the enchanting ambiance of Dalat’s landscape to the contemporary and inspired dining experiences that foster connections with loved ones and friends, this is the new Edensee—a place where guests can immerse themselves in nature, embrace cultural spaces, and serendipitously find happiness.