Emerging Trends in Event Organization & Festival-Inspired Events as a Potential Solution for the Hospitality Sector

After a two-year hiatus marked by lockdowns and pandemic protocols, in-person meetings and events are making a comeback, albeit with new challenges. Meeting planners are not only contending with ongoing COVID-19 concerns but also facing rising costs, limited venue availability, and smaller hospitality staff composed of new or inexperienced professionals. Thus, three main points might help hoteliers meet planner needs a little bit easier, contributing to the success of the events:

Rising costs are a concern

Navigating the landscape of event planning has become increasingly complex due to the rising costs associated with executing successful gatherings. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled event planners to allocate additional resources to comply with health and safety protocols. Consequently, this surge in expenses has created a financial strain on both planners and hospitality providers. 

Thus, event planners must strategically and creatively manage costs to ensure that events remain affordable for attendees while providing a valuable and memorable experience. Hotels and venues should consider offering additional incentives to planners that elevate the experience. Are there special deals for shoulder dates, or restaurant discounts? Look for ways to sweeten the experience of the event without adding to the cost to keep attendees on the property for more days. Hospitality sales, marketing, and operations teams can also help by being more efficient and transparent.

Hotel/venue relationships with planners need more attention

In navigating the current event planning landscape, fostering strong relationships between hotels/venues and event planners is more crucial than ever. Understanding the challenges faced by planners allows hoteliers to adapt their services to meet evolving needs. Some hotels and venues are struggling to meet increasingly compacted planner needs. Planners have a long list of events and lots of work to do. They need adequate support from the hotel or venue they select, or else it has to be delayed, rescheduled, or canceled because the selected hotel or venue wasn’t adequately staffed or facilitated. By actively collaborating and providing flexible solutions, we can collectively overcome obstacles and ensure the success of events, even in the face of rising costs, limited venue availability, and heightened demand.

Great and affordable attendee experiences are paramount

In the pursuit of creating memorable events, the affordability of attendee experiences holds the utmost importance. The good news for hotels and venues is that putting together a great experience doesn’t have to be expensive. Event planners may be looking for something simple, quick, and creative. They might know exactly what they want to do but have a tight budget for site visits – and not a lot of time to pull the event together. The key is to efficiently meet their needs and anticipate opportunities to make their event even better. By optimizing budgets, event planners can ensure that attendees enjoy a captivating and immersive experience without compromising on quality.

As hoteliers, we recognize the significance of supporting event planners in their quest to deliver exceptional experiences while managing costs. Festival-style events present a unique opportunity for the hospitality sector to provide affordable yet distinctive venue options. For example, during Christmas, hoteliers and planners won’t need to invest time and expenses to come up with entirely new ideas for event planning and communication strategy. Instead, they can readily adopt winter-themed concepts, together with elements such as Santa Claus, reindeers, gifts, etc. By aligning our offerings with these growing trends, we not only showcase our venues as festival-like settings but also contribute to the overall success of events.

In conclusion, the hospitality sector faces the challenge of rising costs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this concern, hoteliers must prioritize building strong relationships with event planners and explore innovative approaches, such as festival-inspired events. By doing so, we not only optimize budgets but also create memorable experiences that resonate with customers, ultimately solidifying our position as key contributors to the success of future performances. Embracing these growing trends is not just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative for the evolving landscape of event planning in the hospitality sector.