Vietnamese Ingredients for Good Health

In Vietnam, we take care of ourselves not only by eating tasty food, but also healthy food. Access to delicious, nourishing food is a constant source of happiness for Vietnamese. Fresh ingredients from Vietnam’s countryside farms, beautiful seas, and tropical forests are celebrated on tables across the country every day. Welcome to Viet Nam!

Dragon chicken in Dong Tao

Unlike Vietnam’s mythical dragons, dragon chickens in Đông Tảo – a small town in northern Vietnam — are a real, vitamin-rich source of protein. Leaner than your usual poultry, these birds also contain less cholesterol. In Vietnam, eating farm-raised dragon chickens is said to reduce stress and promote quality sleep. Đông Tảo dragon chickens are best cooked using simple methods. Firm yet tender with a nice crunch on the skin, a plate of grilled or steamed dragon chicken grilled with lime leaf makes a delicious meal with rice and vegetables. 

Honey sweet potato in Da Lat

We all love a good sweet potato! Cold nights in Da Lat call for honey sweet potatoes roasted on an open fire. Rich in vitamins and fiber, sweet potatoes protect your digestive tract, balance blood sugar levels, and offer a healthy dose of magnesium. While Vietnamese all over the country enjoy steamed sweet potatoes, honey sweet potatoes can be bought hot off the grill in stalls around Da Lat’s central market. One bite into the moist, creamy sweet potato and you’ll understand why locals felt the need to add ‘honey’ to its name. 

Lotus root in Hue

There is more to Vietnam’s national flower than meets the eye. From seeds to petals, every part of the beautiful lotus can be used in cooking. In Hue, the former imperial capital, lotus roots used to be prepared for kings and queens. Lotus roots are known to boost blood circulation, calm the mind, and nurture skin and hair. In Vietnam, lotus stems are often served with herbs in light salads. When in Hue, pour yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy candied lotus root as a sweet, comforting snack on a lazy summer day.

Vietnam is a country with a rich history and diverse geography, where each region has its own unique culinary traditions and ingredients. It’s an exciting challenge to explore the local flavors and elevate each dining experience with a touch of authenticity. However, how to take advantage of local ingredients to make each meal of diners nutritious for health and promote the inherent culture is a problem that F&B industry people need to solve. 

Understanding the local culture of Vietnam and having a solid grip on branding and the F&B industry, we at Ziva understand the importance of creating an immersive culinary journey for guests. We work closely with our clients to unlock the potential of local ingredients, craft innovative dishes with unique names that express the essence of their brand, and seamlessly blend them into the overall ambiance of their establishment.

We’re here to help your restaurant or hotel achieve culinary excellence, and create a dining experience that your guests will savor and remember for a long time.