The Importance Of Branding In Hospitality

If you were asked to think of a hotel brand, you’d likely think of Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons or one of the many other global corporate flags. Yet every hotel and resort in existence, from small boutique properties through to large-scale all-inclusive and everything in between, has a brand whether they like it or not.

Being able to create such an impressive and successful brand presence is often thought to be something only attainable by those prestigious hotels with lengthy histories of movie-star guests. But the reality is that in today’s globalized, digitized world, every hotel can build its own unique brand presence and utilize it to set them apart and drive them towards more successful results.

In Vietnam, while it is understandable why people are more likely to pay for hotels that already have international, big-brand names, in these recent years, they have started to look at new names on the travel map such as Zannier Hotel or Avana Retreat. What makes these brands start to attract travelers’ attention? The answer is how they have done an excellent job branding themselves in the industry.

At Ziva, we believe that your brand is far more than your name or logo. It represents who you are, what you think, and how you want to be perceived by customers. Below is the list of why branding is so essential in hospitality:

Branding Helps You Outdo Your Competition

With the advancements in online and offline technologies, the entire world is your marketplace. But to take advantage of this, your brand needs to catch attention and stand out from the crowd.

Branding in the hospitality industry can build your credibility, giving your customers a valid reason to consider you above your rivals. Research also tells us that people prefer to associate with organizations with a credible, reputable brand than those that don’t.

Branding Builds Trust

Guest experience extends beyond your premises, and is integral to your ongoing communications. A deftly-crafted social media presence will help you cover your bases, but you must remember that the goal of every single initiative you have is to delight your customers and encourage them to keep coming back to you.

Your brand communications need to be consistent, caring and personalized, growing a bond with your guest. Take a closer look at how we used brand building to break real estate sales records!

Increasing brand loyalty in the hospitality industry can be the difference between winning guest approval and losing it, so building your brand strategy towards this end goal is critical.

Branding Harnesses the Power of Storytelling

Studies have found that humans are designed for stories. They lead to a better understanding, trust, comprehension, receptivity, and more. Unlike facts and statistics, a story engages both the brain and the body, eliciting emotional responses to which people are more strongly attracted. 

Create a brand story for your hotel that touches on your history, your mission, your values, your dedication to guests, and your passions within your community. There are so many different ways for your brand story to incorporate focuses that are dear to the hearts of your guests, from sustainability initiatives and community outreach projects to artist support initiatives.

Create a meaningful brand story and travelers are significantly more likely to feel a connection with you, embracing the beginning of what is hopefully a long relationship with your brand.