The Art of Artworks

In a hotel, art is never just something to see. When used properly, artwork becomes an integral part of the guest experience, enhancing not just the design narrative, but the entire brand image.

At Ziva, we create experiences to remember. Our multi-sensory brand experiences are based on your vision and purpose, connecting your staff, guests, customers, and stakeholders to an authentic brand experience. If your objective is to alert, engage, educate, entertain, inform, invite, tease, or simply converse, we design to inspire, influence and change behaviors. In bringing about the best brand experiences, we would like to highlight our services of: 

Art Consulting

Service, style, atmosphere – they all come together to create a memorable guest experience. Our hospitality art team will work with an individual hotel or resort to bring solutions on how to inspire a guest, that reflect a hotel’s ethos and make it both stand out, and feel like home. 

Commission art

Thanks to the global networking we have through the years, we are proud to provide you with a wide range of art sources from the USA, Europe to Asia and Vietnam. With more than 300 selected long term partners, artists & art manufactures; with experience in importing art, we are the best choice for your projects. 

Brand engagement 

The guest experience is the combination of sense and possible dreams. Our work is creating the ‘wow factors” during their journey in your properties. It’s not about hanging any painting or putting any sculpture. It’s all about emotion and feeling in each moment. 

Art Installation

This service is also an art and the installator is an artist. We know the value that the artwork can bring to the project and we install with care, high technique and detail focused.