Predicting 5 Unique Design Trends in the F&B Industry in Summer 2023

Explore 5 innovative and stunning design trends for the F&B industry in summer 2023. From sustainable to interactive, these ideas will impress your customers.  

The F&B business, despite its high profitability, faces fierce competition in the digital economy era. To dominate the market and attract customers, businesses need to invest in impressive and unique restaurant design strategies.

2023 promises to be a year of creativity and breakthroughs in F&B design. Restaurants, cafes, and bars need innovative design ideas to create captivating and enticing spaces that provide exceptional experiences for their customers. In this blog, we will explore 5 design trends for the F&B industry in the summer of 2023.


Creative Interior Space Design

Interior space design in the F&B industry is becoming more creative than ever. Using unique decorative elements and delicate, colorful lighting creates a fresh and impressive ambiance for customers. Bright colors should be combined with materials and patterns to create outstanding and distinctive spaces, reflecting the brand’s uniqueness, concept, and spirit.


Multi-functional Space Design

The development of multi-functional spaces in the F&B industry is increasingly popular. Restaurants, cafes, and bars utilize spaces creatively to host various activities such as art exhibitions, live music performances, or cooking classes. Employing a multi-functional space design maximizes space utilization, creating different areas to serve customers. This approach offers a multi-sensory, multi-experience journey, filled with surprises.


Sustainable Design

The sustainability trend has spread across the F&B industry, and 2023 is no exception. F&B businesses are increasingly focusing on using recycled materials, conserving energy, and optimizing resource usage. Sustainable design not only benefits the environment but also creates a positive image for the brand, attracting customers who support environmentally conscious businesses using eco-friendly design and materials.


Digital Interface Design

Digital interface design has become a crucial element in the F&B industry as technology continues to have a significant impact on modern life. Mobile applications, websites, and online ordering systems are optimized to provide customers with a better experience. Engaging, user-friendly interfaces are designed to help customers find information, place orders, and interact with F&B businesses conveniently and swiftly.


Minimalist Design

The “Less is More” design philosophy has never gone out of style in today’s busy life. Minimalist design creates an elegant, sophisticated environment that focuses on the core F&B experience without distracting customers’ attention. This design style retains essential elements, saves costs, maximizes space utilization, and maintains aesthetic value. The minimalist style applies not only to spatial design but also to the simplicity of food presentation, logos, and brand visuals, creating a consistent and cohesive experience for customers.

With the continuous development of the F&B industry and the influence of technology, grasping and implementing these design trends will help F&B businesses stand out and enhance their brand value. Customers increasingly demand better and more exceptional experiences, and design plays a crucial role in meeting these expectations.