Vietnam Is Always A Dream Travel Destination

Every now and then, it’s nice to get lost in a new place. Vietnam is a charming destination, its culture is a fusion of traditional and contemporary values.

Vietnam’s tourism sector targets to serve about 8 million foreign visitors from a total of 110 million next year, according to the General Administration of Vietnam Tourism.

One unique aspect of traveling to Vietnam is that there are no destinations alike. Our three major cities are totally different from each other. We have chilly winters in the highlands up North but it’s balmy year-round on the islands in the South. Even destinations that are an hour apart are often decades apart in character and appearance. Having so many distinct places to explore and choose from is a big part of the fun.

Maybe you’ve heard about the dreamy, karst-studded seascapes in Ha Long Bay and the misty, terraced valleys in Sa Pa, but did you know Vietnam is home to more dramatic sights? In the world’s largest cave, Son Doong, you can camp, climb, and explore for days. Vietnam also boasts breathtaking mountain scenery in Ha Giang, thundering waterfalls in Cao Bang, and striking sand dunes in Mui Ne. In fact, just hours outside the cities you’ll find yourself in another world, with new adventures that will challenge you in all the best ways.

Vietnam has many beautiful destinations with cultural significance, and its tourism industry is expected to grow in the future. To meet the rising expectations of Vietnamese and international tourists, we, Ziva, believe that hotels and resorts should develop a unique blend of internationalization and indigenous values for their customer experience. By doing so, they can create high-quality resort products that cater to the market’s demands.

Ziva is a diversified unit with extensive experience in the segment of high-end hotel and restaurant management. We provide solutions that meet international standards while preserving local culture to contribute to Vietnam’s development as a dream travel destination.